Drugs, blood of a 1000 thais, a hunt to find a conman all across Bangkok....The book Towards Unity continues

Yangon may have several facts to its credit.
It was a British Colony.
It was ruled by the last Mughal emperor.
It continues to be the most populous city in Burma.
It has established itself as the economic powerhouse in the nation.
It was the former capital of the country.  
But most importantly it is the city where Aung Sang Suu kii was kept under house arrest for almost 2 decades, away from the union of a family, away from the companionship of her husband and her kids and away from her people and a democratic presence.
For those of us that grew up in the 90’s, the story of Aung Sang Su Kii and her quarter century quest to establish democracy  in  the land her father fought for and she vouched to bring social equality to, is no remote truth but one of the biggest realities that exist within our times.
This truth is what led Stuart Hastings in his journey to reach her house. His journey may have not marked the tribulations on the magnitude as that of Aung Sang Suu Ki’s but had its own element of personal struggle and fight.
He has documented and told his story here through chapter 5 in his book Towards Unity.
For those of you following this space for the past couple of months will know about this book that I have been reading.
The book continues to hit the right note, balancing impeccably  between a travelers account from a personal revelation and political backdrops based on key historic moments.
Drugs, blood of a 1000 thais, a hunt to find a conman all across Bangkok later, this week the story is in Yangon in front of Aung Sang Suu Kii’s house.
Its been gripping so far and can only be experienced through a good read. The only way to find out is checking out the book here.
The writer is big on constructive criticism, so go ahead, read it and stir a healthy argument if you will.


Towards Unity - A Book about Regional Integration

Last week, I had posted here about this great new book " Towards Unity" I have started to read which documents the writer, Stuart Hasting's account of his travel across the world to better understand the true essence of regional integration.

The book, which is launched chapterwise every Sunday, is already at a very exciting point with chapter 1 and chapter 2 recently launched. Real life account of a personal story with a lot of adrenaline rush at the backdrop of political history.

You have to check it out. The read has been interesting and gripping so far..

Check it out here and post your feedback to the writer. You can also read


Towards Unity : A Book About Regional Integration

Further to my earlier post on the book, here's a video flashback capturing some of the most beautiful moments that the writer, Stuart Hastings experienced during his travel for this book on regional integration.

Truly spellbound. Will give you goosebumps.!


Towards Unity: A Book about Regional Integration.

“When you carry little, there’s lots of room for time.”   (Towards Unity, Chapter 1; The Bangkok Story)
This thought can perhaps carry with it a multitude of different connotations, with its relevance varying in perception based on individual experiences.  To me, as I read it in the book, it personally resonated with a deep sense of need anyone craves for, to create room for more meaningful space in our lives. To Stuart Hastings, it may have meant more or may be, could have been a fleeting thought during his journey across the world to understand regional integration. 
In his book, that was recently launched through the Prolgoue and chapter 1, Stuart Hastings kicks off the story of his travel around the world that began in an attempt to understand and document his experiences drawn from the conceptual relationship between humans and our need for a united front through a federated existence.
A series of personal incidents created a built up to this decision but with the perspective of a minimalist and an objective of an optimist, he started this journey then.  Today he is telling the story of that journey through this book.
What I’m loving about it in its initial phase is the honesty and humility that is at the root of how it all started and evolved one country at a time, telling not just the story from a writers eyes and words, but through the heart of every stranger he met along the way, every moment he lived with them and every thought he questioned during some of those melancholic moments.  After all, more than ever, it is the people and not the places that make any story that you want to tell.
His meticulous description of his surroundings does not only do justice to vouch for his presence of mind but simply helps the reader draw a mental image of the story and its characters, adding life to it. Add to it the not so overpowering political and historic backdrop that lies behind each of these stories.
Im not going to give away too much since I know the book will speak for it self.  
The best part about the book is the adrenaline it will create without overwhelming the reader as it plans to be released chapter wise, with 1 chapter every week. This gives enough room for time, especially in a day and age where one’s attention is being juggled across several reading material and media forms.
So do check it out and leave your feedback, even if critical. Nothing excites a writer more than constructive feedback.
You can read the book here


Save the date: Operation HOPE Yard Sale.

Operation HOPE Yard Sale
Saturday, Oct 5, 2013
7 am – 11 am, Rumaithiya, Block 9, Street 92, House 23

Yes …that’s right..It's here again! Post all the waiting.
Operation HOPE is scheduled for its Yard Sale to kick off a new season. From Household items, books, CD’s, DVD’s, an eclectic array of knick-knacks, furnishings, a host of children’s toys, clothing for both genders and all ages and lots, lots more! So mark your calendars, because we will be looking forward to seeing you!
If you wish to donate any gently used items towards the sale, please be informed that donations will be received until 12 pm Oct 4th at OH premises. Kindly contact us at 99375613 or hope@ohkuwait.org for queries.
PLEASE NOTE:  To be respectful of the neighbourhood parking space, we would appreciate if you would kindly park your vehicle next to the cooperative ahead on the street of HOPE house. Please check with an OH volunteer on your arrival