Drugs, blood of a 1000 thais, a hunt to find a conman all across Bangkok....The book Towards Unity continues

Yangon may have several facts to its credit.
It was a British Colony.
It was ruled by the last Mughal emperor.
It continues to be the most populous city in Burma.
It has established itself as the economic powerhouse in the nation.
It was the former capital of the country.  
But most importantly it is the city where Aung Sang Suu kii was kept under house arrest for almost 2 decades, away from the union of a family, away from the companionship of her husband and her kids and away from her people and a democratic presence.
For those of us that grew up in the 90’s, the story of Aung Sang Su Kii and her quarter century quest to establish democracy  in  the land her father fought for and she vouched to bring social equality to, is no remote truth but one of the biggest realities that exist within our times.
This truth is what led Stuart Hastings in his journey to reach her house. His journey may have not marked the tribulations on the magnitude as that of Aung Sang Suu Ki’s but had its own element of personal struggle and fight.
He has documented and told his story here through chapter 5 in his book Towards Unity.
For those of you following this space for the past couple of months will know about this book that I have been reading.
The book continues to hit the right note, balancing impeccably  between a travelers account from a personal revelation and political backdrops based on key historic moments.
Drugs, blood of a 1000 thais, a hunt to find a conman all across Bangkok later, this week the story is in Yangon in front of Aung Sang Suu Kii’s house.
Its been gripping so far and can only be experienced through a good read. The only way to find out is checking out the book here.
The writer is big on constructive criticism, so go ahead, read it and stir a healthy argument if you will.

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