Flashback Mondays.

Has everyone already forgotten how the old KDD Juice boxes used to look. Im sure to those folks such as I, to whom the packaging is something of a reminiscent element, the overall image change in KDD's products meant zero value addition.. simply Zilch! ( with all due respect to the creativity process and the need to honour the philisophy of constant business change)

I say meh! 

Product do overs, rightfully proven in many text books can often mean loosing a loyal customer demography, many a times proving to be detrimental to the company's competitive edge.Many may argue this to be a debatable topic and as much as I realise this is my late night insanity and mind system shutdown talking, I choose to disagree.

All the technical jargon aside, I miss the old packaging. I guess this is where Mr Philip Kotler was right in all his marketing Jargon. Product branding and packaging is correlated to a sense of loyalty and knowing at many different levels, tailoring customer loyalty accordingly.

I havent tried the new set of KDD juice boxes. They just dont feel right :\



  1. change is inevitable, i do look back at movies and fondly remember the old Pepsi can (white with the circular logo in the middle, classic), even tho ive stopped drinking the fizz over a year now, it still haunts me.

    we resist change at first and then accept it. its the natural order of things.

  2. Change is constant and inevitable..PERIOD..but always necessary? Debatable! we have become accustomed to accepting change due to the inability to fight nature..hence..

    I miss the old 'canada dry' drinks :)