Mommie dearest.

Dont forget to tell her she is " special" ..mode of communication - words, actions, motion ..what ever works. Today is the day:)

In other news, I know several such who have been lucky enough to know their grandma's and I mean..know know..you know :) as in actually being tight with them.. Ive not had the oppurtunity owing to the geographical distance element..but here's what I imagine my hypothetical tech savy grandma would have told me through Grandma's tips . Check it out..its hilarious..lol

Happy Mothers day all mommies !



  1. I never got to know my grand mother from my moms side, she passed away when we were quite young although i am told she attended my birth.

    my grandmother on my dads side passed away on her birthday (irony), and we were miles away (here).

    Love them when you can, remember them forever.

  2. I agree with the wise words..
    I never got to know my paternal grandma..just met her once at 5
    My maternal grandma is probably the coolest and classiest lady I have known till date :)