The Overdue.

Would it be remotely close to believable if I were to vouch for this space's inception from about 13 years ago; or was it around the time when I’d almost decided to document the daily synopsis of the experiences amidst a geopolitical tension and the debate centred around the big bad Saddam Hussein's calculated killing.. It could also lean towards the time when I was most certain that I, like any other sane minded literary hopeful had a book in me (wishful thinking..I know). Clearly I was doing more of the talking and thinking in my head..at least when compared to an average person. Hence the result..a much elongated lead time between thoughts translating to posts.. my previous post dated 6 months ago speak for themselves.

Somehow Bigatron’s demeanour (rightfully featured in this post)encapsulates the basic premise of where and I how I would like this space to shape into. So here’s to more thinking and talking in my head (only this time) I would do it aloud with (hopefully)some readers in this space.



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Captivating style albeit riddled with deception :p internet, let alone blogging (even as a phrase) was not around 13 yrs ago! U have to get up pretty early to pull a fast one on urs truly :p (j/k!)

  2. Lol.. well Said Mr. Road runner. The time element was made in clear reference to the overall notion of my procrastination :) hence I rest my case. In anycase I shall follow the likes of you for some much needed muse! :D