Wednesday Revelation: Just dont fall.

88 days and counting of 2012. 
For all those that made the inevitable clichéd promise to themselves to invest time, effort and patience in better health and haven’t done so yet..whats your excuse? Being a running enthusiast myself, I managed to slack of a solid regular workout for the past one month..My excuse: work, deadlines, obligations, errands, temporary workout procrastination..the list is endless but the excuse is proportionally invalid. 
Josh Sundquist(featured above) a Paralympian, lost his left leg to cancer at age ten only to push his fate to the edge and become a Paralympic ski racer. It is one thing to experience a trauma of that magnitude at such a young age and it is another thing to overcome it to be a champion.
Needless to say, Joshua is just one of the several inspirational stories who have fought against all odds to reach their pedestal of self excellence and ultimate potential.
What’s your excuse to not push and reach yours?

Side Note: His memoir ‘Just Don't Fall’ is definetly worth a read.

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