Flashback Mondays. Mama Aneesa.

10 AM, breakfast defined as sunny side up with 2 slices of toast, some good old OJ and occasionally some cereals to go with it just after. Yes..quite the lavish breakfast for a 7 year old..but that's how we did it back in the days when Thursday and Fridays were still weekends and the ice-cream guy on his cycle passed by every afternoon yelling  ‘Barrid’ ( more posts on this later) for us to rush to him :)
Coupled with the above spread was a 1 hour show of Mama Aneesa, every weekend for a solid 1 hour. A patron of education, well being and fostering child development through interactive shows, Mama Aneesa has contributed a good chunk size of her life towards Children’s education in Kuwait.
For those of us who grew up towards the late 80’s and 90’s would reminisce easily with a pleasant lady appearing every now and then on TV ever so chicly in her most classic demeanor.
Needless to say her methods and means to educate and enlighten young minds through innvoative and fun means were something worth rememebering. I wonder if she is still doing such shows with Kids today.
Interestingly, after googling her I failed to find any substantial information or page on her on the web..but 52 Degrees recently did host an event in her honour.Bananaq8  has more coverage on this.
I do hope Kids today get to know such influential personalities this country has produced in the yesteryears.


Picture Source : Barmait

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