People who I want to punch in the face.

Its been an eventful week with both social and corporate events occupying a sizeable chunk of my time. An interesting element that acts like a double edged sword in such situations is the behavioral aspects of people in general. You can take so much learning from the interactive aspects of such events as opposed to the purposeful and planned ones. A simple observation of people’s attitudes both negative and positive can do so much to orchestrate a picture.

With time I have realized my threshold of patience has exponentially grown. Although that may have benefitted me in astronomical ways to not clobber unpleasant and unexpected behavior… I clearly have my moments too..moments that get me thinking… what if I could create a hit list..

You know you have 1 too! ...a hit list of those that say / do just that thing to provoke you to not think twice before punching them in the face. Here is mine...the top 10 for now.

1. Drivers those are not courteous on the road to people crossing,

2. Women who wrestle their way into waiting cues just ‘cause they are women,

3. People who pull ranks in the most random situations (True Story, has happened to me after an accident when the guy at fault came out and said..” I’m a manager”..I don’t do such stuff..Newho),

4. Women that just have a negative body language and do not know how to sport a pleasant friendly smile in a crowd,

5. People that are a walking calling card of educational qualifications of themselves,

6. People who talk loudly and make sure to be heard only during the hour when they are awake enough to be pretending to be working,

7. Chauvinistic pigs!

8. Righteous self proclaimed religious and political experts,

9. People that keep complaining about who horrible things are and yet do nothing about it to change it 

10.People that judge and comment on your choice of healthy eating habits only ‘cause’ they are too lazy to care about themselves.

People can be oddly consistent in being nasty and off! After all this holds true about class right!

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