Weekend Foodie. Sliders Station Al Seef Strip

Warning: If you happen to read this post prior to your lunch hour you might rethink your brown bag choice that travelled with you this morning from home and head to the nearest burger joint instead.
The hunt for the best burger in Q8 has and continues to be an endless quest by many. And justifiably so...with a country with the most well endowed retail food landscape and local food concept emerging every day, every soul is bound to be a food connoisseur in their own right. End result: A general consensus is difficult to determine. Nonetheless, that on some level is the trick to a good burger. Taste lies in the preference and taste buds of the beholder.


So given that I joined the bandwagon on the burger quest as well, I decided to try the Sliders Station on Al Seef Strip sometime back with my bestie who was down on Holiday from Toronto. Here's one of the great things about this place. Shabby Chic, chilled out, extremely trendy and Hip surroundings..You can never go wrong with this place with guests / friends from across the world. The place has been brilliantly done in terms of ambiance and the works.

The walls interiors are done with chalkboard finishing where daily orders or other interesting trivia is scribbled from time to time. The seating area has the usual dine in arrangement plus the bar area just as you enter with the food conveyer belt.

Anywho armed with a sizeable appetite, we arrived at the restaurant for lunch. The best place to be seated: you guessed it! The bar area with the conveyer belt. You get to see the kitchen at work, other people’s food parading on the belt and be amidst the hustle of the restaurant crowd.
Getting down to business...Our Orders were:

Appetizers: 1 order of matchstick fries.

Main course: To start off with 2 classic sliders. Now you want to do classic flavored burgers...just as a warm up, good luck and to set the mood right prior to your burger marathon: D
This was followed by 2 machine gun sliders, 2 waygu beef sliders, 1 Thai flavored slider, 1 tandoori slider and 1 hammour slider

Drinks: 1 bottle of water to wash it all down.

To our surprise, the ever so charming manager, who makes it a point to visit everyone’s table learns that I’m with a friend who's down to Kuwait after long..and decides to send over a complimentary appetizer dish of fries, cheese, jalapenos and more fries...don’t recall the name..Basically in the words of my bestie “heart attack on a plate". The doting guests that we were, we finish it. :)

Now the verdict!

Everything from the ambience, to the food selection, to the quality of beef patty to the staff and kind of crowd you get at the restaurant.

The Bad : Zilch. I’m biased..I know. But something that could be a little tricky is one might say for a decent burger that size it could be on the pricier end..With the average price of a slider north of a KD..But again its quality beef and quality food...so you might not want to go there with a shoe string budget..Just won’t do it the justice.

The Affordable: Our total damages came to about KD 22 and some spare change which is not bad at all for a fancy place as such and for the kind of quantity we ordered.

We were a satisfied duo end of the day! More on the rest of the menu for the next review. The place is amazing on a weekend...so do give it this weekend perhaps! You won’t regret it a bit :)