10 Positive things about the summer in Kuwait.

People wait to create well equipped plans and a travel itinerary come summer time with the urge to exit Kuwait. Nevertheless, with those that wish / choose to stay back and spend the summer with some sunshine in the desert, there is a silver lining that we see. I have come up with 10 positive things of the Kuwait summer post a constructive discussion with a few experts..my besties:D

1.  Lesser Traffic - Undoubtedly, hands down and without a question

2.  Summer sales all summer round – Come on then...admit it ..without a doubt boy or girl..it’s quite fun to summer sale shop..now don’t go all Dubai summer shopping festival on me cause I’ve been to it and except for the name and geographic location…they are the same damn thing..the prices, the clothes, the inventory…the whole 9 yards…so if you haven’t seen it ..you aren’t missing out.

3.  The non - existent workflow with every other establishment having a laid back approach

4.  Ramadan – The best bit of it all..at least for the past few year

5.  The joys and pleasure of simply enjoying KDD icecream or KDD chilled chocolate milk on the rocks on a random Friday afternoon..you know what Im talking about..those of you out there not in Kuwait anymore :D

6.  Lesser congestion at grocery stores

7.  Restaurants having endless summer offers

8.  Easier to sweat it out on a morning workout with less effort

9.  Watermelon season :D

10.         Beach and pool time :D

I’m quite sure there are several more ..hence I have kept room for a sequel to this list.

Happy summering all.


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