Be Different.

It’s always interesting when your day takes a turn of events. Now I’m obviously not referring to our versatile Kuwait weather that took a turn from the morning dust haze situation to red sandy weather. But in other news, I had the opportunity to coordinate a corporate event that rolled out today at the Marriott. Got to be in the presence of some brilliant dignitaries.
I always tend to look forward to such events for dual reasons; one undoubtedly because of the element of great exposure it tends to offer on a career level and two and the most important is the opportunity one gets to interact with a wide canvas of people across different backgrounds, age, experience level, seniority, culture and the spectrum of criteria is endless. But it simply baffles me how much more you can learn from such a platform as opposed to any other format or settings.
The funny thing is how my need and presence at such events sometimes make me question if my current profession is allowing me enough people time to explore and grasp it in its entirety..lol. Anywho..an interesting encounter that keeps occurring over and over again in such crowds is also people’s perception about others. I often get questioned on the background and my ethnicity with many offering their own permutations and combinations of where I could originate from. Being the generous person that I am, I do humor people for sometime till I disclose where I’m from which often leads to shock / pleasant disbelief.
Often a times at a much a younger self, I would take offense to such disbelief only as a reflex action to my fever of nationalism. Nevertheless overtime, I have changed to accept such behavior as a sign that to some I may stand out of the stereotypes..presenting in a different self than the norm, over time I have accepted that as a positive sign. Im glad I did. You always want to stand out from the crowd.( *most times atleast J)
Be Good J

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