May Fayre Bazaar at Sadu House.

This post has been long overdue..Especially since I attended this bazaar on May 12 at the Sadu House (Seef strip). Sadu House generally hosts 2 bazaars in a year in addition to their other yearly events but the bazaars are the one's I tend to look forward to for dual reasons.. one, Im a sucker for bazaar deals and the general community vibe that such environment entails and two..they are so much more fun to have it in a place like Sadu house which in its own right and sense is picturesque old vintage Kuwait. Sadu House which is located bang opposite the Seef palace on Gulf road is an ideal place to grasp a certain angle of Kuwait’s old heritage.. the charm of such places is the way it hasn’t been touched upon and left in its old charm to bask in its own raw beauty.
Anyhow, the bazaar hosted on May 12 housed several interesting vendors with items from Kuwait, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia. Some of the pictures from my day there.

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