Weekend food review: Breakfast at Al Ahmadi International, Crowne Plaza

Now this happens to be one of the regular breakfast places my family and I frequent at only because we are perpetually cursed to miss morning breakfast plans and this seems something close by for us to make it to in an event of delay :)

I personally like this restaurant partly because of the kind of crowd you get, mix of locals, to visiting airhostesses, armed forces staff and transit tourists. It kind of feels nice to have an eclectic mix of customers in a restaurant especially if it is in the hotel premises. Seems even more refreshing in a place like Kuwait which isn’t as known as a tourism spot.
Anywho..my drill at breakfast buffets is usually quite elaborate. Especially at Al Ahmadi restaurant. They have a decent variety across all items but their fruits and desserts and salad range is very well endowed. Come to think of it, I wish I had snapped more pictures of the buffet just to prove my point.  

I started off with my usual warm milk with chocos and moved to my well done fried eggs with French toast, white beans, grilled mushrooms, a slice of sharp cheddar cheese and some assorted salads (I wasn’t kidding when I said elaborateJ).
I managed to stuff myself with some light Saj (olive and cheese only) followed by a mini bite sized steak (I do skip lunch so Im okay to OD on foodJ)

The rest of the familia pretty much have half of what I had with the exception of my brother, who like me comes with a decent appetite J Anyway all this washed down with a cup of English breakfast tea and a slice of tea cake. Simply perfectomondo J

Now the verdict
The good: The restaurant ambience in general is simply superb. The kind you would want to see at a breakfast place. Roomy, big windows overlooking a pleasant sight (in this case overlooking the spa aqua tonic) and allowing lots of sunlight and lastly the crowd which like I mentioned is a good mix. Those are some of the reasons I consider Al Ahmadi restaurant to be one of the best indoor breakfast places around Kuwait.The food selection is also very good with a wide variety.

The Bad: My only complaint with the food in general is the fact that I only wish they should try to mix and change up their buffet selection more often. It would be refreshing to atleast get 2- 3 new breakfast items on the menu every now and then to avoid the rut.

The other major complain I continue to have is the number of papers. Im the kind of person who likes a newspaper over breakfast or some reading material all together. For some conspired reason or coincidence I seem to never be able to get a copy for myself. Which should mean they need to start having more copies on their shelves.

The Affordable: The damage / head for the buffet is KD 6.75 which is considerably increased over the past 2 years from KD 5.95 which I’m guessing is due to the fact that they are trying to be more competitively priced. Nevertheless, I feel its more on the pricier end. But what the hell, I keep going anyway because of the good that I mentioned. 

It’s defiantly worth a try so make sure you give it a go this weekend of next.


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