360 mall shuttle service.

Noticed something interesting last night while on for dinner at 360. The mall has started their shuttle service for people who may want to be transported if parked at a distance in the parking lot all the way to the mall. although it was tempting to try it we were rushing to feed our empty stomachs. 

I remember being in the ibn batuta mall in Dubai last year and noticing that they had an in mall shuttle service which simple takes people around through the 9 concept mall.

For those that havent been there, the mall is basically 9 different malls under one roof or was it 6 i forget .. anywho it conceptualises on the key locations that the great arab scholar Ibn batuta travelled to. Now for a mall of that size its only fair to have such a service given that it would be super helpful for people such as

- Handicapped folks
- seniors /elders
- mothers with babies and lots of things to carry
- The ocassional lazy folks who dont wannna walk the parking lot distance.

I wonder if avenues would start something similar when all 5 phases are complete.

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