Bon Apetit.

The long weekend although was preconcieved to be a much need hiatus (Translation : time to experiment with new receipes and get on with some book reading, I hardly managed the time to break an egg or flip a page). Anyhow, not the one to complain, I did make the most of it to plan and ensure I manage to find some time to get some therapeutic bliss this weekend.

On doing some random culinary research online, I stumbled upon Bon App├ętit's series on their blog called Fake It or Make It. The series basically compares store-bought items to homemade ones and evaluates what is worth the cost and time investment.

They have already done their analysis on a range of easy to make recipes to some complex ones. So here's another way to laze away in a fun way this summer if you have nothing better to do and find solace in kitchen disasters such as yours truly.
You can check them out Here

Have a good one all.

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