Flashback Mondays : Takeshis Castle


By far the most hilarious and pointless show still running :)
 Takeshi's Castle brings back memories of early childhood when watching reruns of the show in the late afternoon on KTV never became too mundane given the crazy tasks and games the show created for its contestants.

The two gentlemen who most of us as kids presumed were the guests of honour that would just how they could make things the tad bit more tricky for the contestants on the show just for fun sake :)
The most scariest looking people that were alive back then. Would scare the hibijibees off you! This task that involved these two monsters was by far the most difficult on the show as the contestant would never know where to expect them as they would go through a maze of doors.

Several channels still show reruns of this show and you can never get tired of it. Period!

Have a good and crazy one all!

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