Global Obesity : The ticking Bomb.

248am posted today an interesting article from the Business week on the obesity situation in the gulf and how it has been tagged as the Other Gulf War Syndrome.

Although much debate may be persistent on how the western culture may have plagued the dietary habits of the khaleejis ( aka GCC nationals) and residents, it somehow seems more logical to believe that it all trickles down to behavioral norms and habits.

An individual choosing to be sedentary can practically do it with any amount of temptation available to him regardless. Nevertheless, the availability of such temptations do bear some relevance in the argument.

Some of the findings highlighted in the article:

·         One out of three Kuwaiti adults is obese. 10% is morbidly obese.
·         Only 12% of Kuwaitis have a body-mass index (BMI) below 25. (The ideal range is 18.5 to 25.)
·         This means at least 88% of Kuwaitis, in other words, are considered overweight.
·         Kuwait is the second-most obese nation in the world, behind the U.S.
·         10 years ago, Al Sanea says, there were only two bariatric surgeons in Kuwait. Today, there are 20. By 2015, he predicts, there will be 40.

Some recent findings as stated in another article on a Global level are :

·         From 1980 to 2008, according to the World Health Organization, worldwide obesity rates almost doubled.
·         A recent studyin the Lancet medical journal concluded that in 2008, about 146 million adults globally were overweight and 502 million were obese.
·         Around half of the adult population in Brazil, Russia, and South Africa are overweight and about 8% of all African adults are obese.
·         United Nations suggeststhat, existing food supplies are so poorly distributed that hundreds of millions have too little for their own health, while 2 billion-plus have too much.

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