Thou Shall develop a thick skinned attitude to random questionable public behaviour

Walking out of the office parking space, I often see banana peels littered around from time to time. Now, the strategic location of this peel tends to change from time to time which I’m guessing is clearly dependent on the time and mood swings of the litterer but on the other hand this clearly proves 2 things:

There clearly is someone extremely healthy around with the least bit of regard for public safety and cleanliness and

That person happens to share the same parking lot as I which could be hazardous to an absent minded Joe like yours truly.

Public behavior and attitude often tend to have an element of questionability inbuilt in them. People more than often tend to take everything for granted within the public sphere particularly with regards to their own actions.

Based on my own experiences from certain recurring events I have come up with a list of behaviours that continue to happen from time to time yet I fail to understand its basic premise.

The article featured in this month’s Bazaar Magazine and you can read it here


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