Toning Shoes: Do They Really Work?

As an avid runner, one of the key things I don’t tend to slack off using is a good pair of running shoes. Much has been researched, debated and proved on the right shoe for the right posture and work out. It does stand true..Period! However, with the advent of new fads within workout necessities how far are the new products valid?
Take for example the Reebok easy tone shoes which guarantee to tone your legs while doing the most mundane errands or physical activity. Here is an interesting article where they talk on how Toning shoe companies claim these “special” shoes work by supposedly activating more muscle fibers than standard running shoes meaning to be more effective at toning your thighs and hips.

The article shares an exercise conducted to study to see whether the claims live up to the hype.
The results indicate that toning shoes really are too good to be true and make you think that the shoes will work..but in reality only slim your wallet. Infact, given their unstable base sometimes they would more likely make you trip and fall.

Based on my personal experience, I honestly think a good pair of running shoes has nothing to do with technology unless of course in the words of my running buddy LordAymz they have an engine underneath and run for you (well saidJ). Luckily the price of the pair of easy tones I bought was half off on sale and I did manage it at a steal of 10 KD.

Somehow it still feels as though even post a 10K in them, Im breaking into it. My heart of course still belongs to my old Adidas Climacool gifted on my birthday for reasons best known to me. J
Have a good one.


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