Weekend Food Review: Potbelly

A Random Saturday at the Avenues out of the blue is always fun. Especially if its timed towards mid day with slow mall traffic. 3 hours of window shopping and walking relentlessly later, appetites were developed to peak levels. The siblings and I headed to the food court for a quick bite to Potbelly.  From the looks of it people are still in the process of discovering and trying this place and its working to their advantage. I recognize this place as the warmer served version of Subway. So if you’re not a fan of cold cut sandwiches, but yet like less greasier warm sandwiches with a healthy twist..Potbelly is definitely your place.
So this is what we ordered: 3 regular sized sandwiches on brown bread namely the vegetarian, the Italian and the Wreck all with toppings listed on the menu with exceptions to mayo and oil dressing.
We ordered an additional order of baked steak fries with 1 diet coke, a mango shake and water. Total Damages Kd 7.8 which I thought seemed quite pricy for a sandwich place..but I guess the  additional shakes and such did the damage.

Now the verdict
The Good: The vegetarian and the Wreck sandwich were hands down the best bit about the menu. Crisp, fresh and delish! My personal bias is for the vegetarian sandwich, given the fact that for a meat loving person it didn’t fail to satisfy my palette. The regular sized sandwiches are all big enough to fill one when hungry. If you are a person who has a well endowed appetite the large size sandwich should definitely do the trick.
The ambience of the restaurant is quite disconnected from the rest of the food court given their separate seating area. It has an old Louisiana diner styled restaurant feel to it with interesting portfolio style pictures hung across the wall.
The staff are simply amazing..always friendly and always nice.
The Bad: The menu seems to be oddly styled. Although they do have a variety of items such as salads, sandwiches and soup.. the soup selection seemed quite weak with just 2 options. These 2 were hardly something that would incline on the healthier size. I recall corn soup being one of them.
The Affordable: For a sandwich place that is styled similar to Subway they are quite competitively priced hence you wouldn’t feel any pinch of the pricy element unless of course you are restaurant biased. Personally, I felt as thought the shakes were too pricy given the fact that you could easily get more reasonably priced shakes just across the food court.
Anywho, I loved the sandwiches and would definitely go back. Im thinking soon..perhaps this weekend over the sale madness :P..you should too !
The place lives up to its byline..Good vibes, great sandwiches
Cheerios all!

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