Weekend food review: PQ Avenues.

PQ has a special place in my priority rank for breakfast places in Kuwait. Regardless of the bistro styled cozy local concept breakfast places, PQ still is  a personal favourite.
Their branch in the Avenues had a facelift last year pos which the restaurent has a promenade cafe feel to it..simply effortless n chilled out for a breakfast /lunch settinwg.

Last weekend we (the siblings &I) tried doing the lunch bit despite the plave being a breakfast favourite.

Our orders were 1 soup of the day, 1frittata with goat cheese and a zuchini tartine with water an orage juice.

Now the verdict. The good: practically everything. the entire menu offers great choices that are fresh and worth the money.Our fritata was huge and needed to be split between the two of us. Total price KD 1.45. extreme steal. 

The Bad: cant think of any.

The affordable: Our total damages for the above order came to about KD 8.950. Simply by far one of the restaurents worth revisiting from time to time for a gazillion reasons.

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