What Kuwait gave you. Take 8.

Name: Ayman K.
Profession: Professional critic (i.e. internal auditor)
Age: 26 
Owner/operator of mybloogle.com
Nationality : Egyptian

  • First and foremost, it is the sample feel of the country, where you are rubbing shoulders with people from every nook and cranny of the globe, from the USA to Japan, Canada to Serbia, Australia to India. That alone gives people a more balanced view of what makes us all similar. Of course they helped play a major role in shaping my personality, my loquaciousness, and my love for all things different. 
  • Second, reaching ones dreams. Yes, I’ve set a few of those here in Kuwait, from having articles written by me featured in Bazaar, to being interviewed in Bazaar, to maintaining a regular blog and assisting on forums to introduce expats to the social side of Kuwait, one has gained plenty in return. 
  • Third, finding a hobby and sticking with it. I hated running in highschool, I felt like a performing circus monkey asked to run before a crowd (on sports day, I ceased participating when it didn’t become obligatory and instead observed as others huffed and puffed from the comfort of the stands, pizza in hand). Time moved on and I started my own running group after falling in love with the therapeutic after effects of running (i.e. runner’s high). 
  • Fourth, I got to come back to the country of my birth, where I grew up and went to school, and start my professional life, 2 different stages of my life, with 3 different jobs and always ascending.  It has helped me save up for my impending nuptials (fingers crossed!) as well as gain a broader understanding of the life we live here. It may be transient, but for now it is our life and we choose to make the most of it. 
  • Last but not least, the world of Kuwait exists on so many levels, from social to cyber. I’ve met some pretty amazing people over the course of my life, all thanks to Kuwait, if I actually sit down and think about it, I smile about how it happened. Take for example this girl. We used to work together for 2 years, didn’t speak a word apart from the off-shot good morning as we walked into the office. Lo and behold after leaving that office, I met her at an event (running ;P) and we’ve been great friends ever since! That is what Kuwait has given me, Stories!


  1. You made my day roadrunner! We need to schedule a 10 k sooon soon soon :-)