Working out and overeating in Ramadan.

Detoxifying your body of all the junk we let it endure is probably the best medicine we can gift ourselves. And what better month than Ramadan to do this.

However, inevitably in addition to our eating patterns taking a toss during the month, the amount we consume post iftar time also pretty much suffers a similar fate.

Every year despite taking a solemn oath in ensuring to adopt a solid healthy eating pattern, I miserably fail in sticking to a balanced tempo of eating post the iftar time.

Despite having only one major meal during the day (Iftar) (light / no snack for suhoor), somehow I still tend to binge on certain unhealthy foods during the month. Im sure most of us are guilty of this. Even more so this year post an almost 16 hour fast time after which your body having gone through a long period of starvation mode is craving for sugars and liquids and all sorts of much needed nutrients.

Given our poor judgment, which more than often comes from a lack of food in our system, we tend to misinterpret these signals and feed our body with unhealthy liquids, sweets and an overdose of refined carbs.

To avoid this pattern this year, I decided to adopt a sweet trick I happened to read about on tryingtobefahad.com And trust me so far its working. What he says is

As soon as you hear the Al Maghrib prayer, open a 1.5 liter bottle of room temp, slightly cold or cold water and DRINK UP! Keep on drinking (slowly or fast) until you finish it all”

I honestly feel drinking a huge amount of water at any point in time when you’re hungry is a good trick to suppress your hunger and truly measure yout hunger level and avoid binging.

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