Weekday Food review. Oriental.

As much as the inevitable resolution to steer away from the well endowed Ramadan food landscape at offering during the month is at bay, it nearly is impossible for any sane minded foodie / connossieur aka yours truly to be able to be in complete denial of what is at bay.

Translation.. this weekend given the slightly laid back attitutde, we decided to dine out for iftar at another spot in downtown Kuwait City at the age old Oriental Restaurent.. this ofcourse is the Indian restaurent and not the Thai place in Sharq that many may confuse it with.

Before I get into the details of how the offerings fared on the usual hunger meter..here is what we ordered. The restaurent basically has a set iftar menu with the following included: 
1 laban drink,
1 choice of Juice ,
1 choice of soup (Chicken corn / lentil)
1 choice of steak ( Meat / Chicken)
1 choice of Biryani (Meat / chicken)
1 Salad
1 Naan
1 order of deser ( 2 pieces Gulab Jamun)

Given that we were a group of 5 with an average hunger level ( on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, our hunger level was 7, we decided to order 3 iftar meals ( only to realise later 2 meals would have been just right)

The Good : The portion size, the variety of items and the value for money. Clearly this restaurent has managed to get it right in terms of the kind of food at offering and the price it is being offered at. Needless to say we were quite full with enough left over to take back

The Affordable: Somehow the math dosent quite add up here..so much food for so little bucks! At just KD 3.5 a meal, this has to be quite the well endowed and generous spread of food where 1  meal with the array of items can easily be split among 2 people.

Here's one to try sometime this week before we seal off Ramadan good bye.


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