Weekend Food Review: Ikea Iftar.

Here's what I love about Ramadan ..Iftar buffets and set meals.. other than the exhaustive list of the months other primary blessings.Now although such a setting  of the magnitude and size most restaurents in Kuwait market during the month, you'd probably have to come armoured with an appetite the size of a mini nation. 

Anywho, certain restaurents do get it right time and again and Ikea happens to be one of them. They do it right and right by not going down the buffet road. The problem with buffets is 2 fold..first of all to justify the price you end up paying for it, you overdose on the food portion your appetite can humanly stomach and two, you end up shelling out money that provides less hunger satisfaction and pleasure.

Ikea's Iftar Buffets are formatted on set menu's with each day of the week featuring 1 main course item for KD 2.25 along with which one is entitled to 1 laban drink, 1 lentil soup, 1 date and sweet plate.

Although we pretty much prefer having futoor at home, last weekend we decided to be a little lazy about the drill and head over to Ikea for the iftar.
We were a group of 5 and given that they serve Lambchops (1 plate with 3 pieces) as the main meal for friday, we decided to stick to our portions and not over do it..hence went with 3 orders split between 5 of us.

In addition to the 3 iftar meals we also ordered a plate of samosas which we realised later we could have avoided since there was too much food. But what the hell they were simply delish

Now for the verdict :

The good: For KD 2.25 you're not only getting a main course meal but a soup, sweet plate and a drink..if that is not a superb offer, I dont know what is. The other thing about the ikea meals in my opinion is the portion size..pretty much most of their main course meals can be split 1/2..i.e. between 2 people straight down the middle...makes excellent for those who wanna watch their waist size and wallets. Again this holds true to only those, who like yours truly believes in portion sizes matching up to the size of your closed fist and nothing more.

The other good thing about their iftar time meals is the fact that if you choose to not prefer their iftar menu you could always opt to order other items on the menu on offer.

The bad: Although last year, the meals did come with a salad option, somehow this year the restaurent decided to not include it in their meal plan. It probably makes more economical sense for them as a business since there is very little they can do to salvage the salad plates once people decide either waste them away or leave them half eaten. However, a salad and fruit option at iftar is somewhat imperative for the body to recover of its much needed nutrients.

The affordable: There are several other restaurents serving king sized meals at astronomical prices..so why would one go to Ikea...well for the price at which they are offering, the meals are not only quality but also quite healthy in terms of portion size, cleanliness and ensure minimum wastage which cannot be avoided at a buffet format. Isn't that the whole purpose of the month...live humbly and avoid shallow wastages.

With a couple of weeks left for Ramadan, this is definetly worth a try, whether you are fasting or no. Her is what they have on for the week.

Saturday: Chicken Biryani
Sunday: Hamour Fillet
Monday: Chicken Molakhiya
Tuesday: Lamb Ouzi
Wednesday: Shrimp Biryani
Thursday: Shish Tawouk
Friday: Lambchops

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