Follow up on 2012.

Time can actually fly by like the blink of an eye and despite Limpbizkit mentioning it in his ever famous tunes years ago, that somehow fails to serve us as a reminder. The besties and I offlate have been discussing on how the year has gone passed us in a jiffy. Just recently one of my favorite bloggers Danderma ( for whom I  have the deepest regard and respect given her love for literature, food and the occasional dark humor J) as her yearly tradition,  listed down some of the things she wishes to check off her list before signing off 2012. Got me thinking to do a quick follow up on mine as well. At the backdrop of my one primary goal which cannot be disclosed publicly the following are the things I wish to check off before the end of 2012 (Inshallah)

My reading list target was to finish atleast 10 books (with an
additional 1 that got added to the list along the way) during the
year which are pretty much a mix and match of different genres.
This continues to be on the top of my to do list given my attempt
to disconnect from the tube and do things I used to enjoy..The
reads primarily are ranging from
1)The Devils Deal(Andreas Loizou),
2)Skinny Bitch(Rory Freedman and Kim Barnonuin),
3)Banker to the poor(Mohammed Yunus),
5)Embroideries( Marjan Satrapi),
7)Intelligent M&A (Scott Moeller),

I am happy to report that I have officially finished the first 6 on the list with the balance in the working.

2.Travel to a country never visitedfingers crossed

3.Finish a second half marathon just to prove it to myself that the first one may have been luck but the second was definitely worth the sweat it took to finish off ( I should be signing up for the 2nd was this November)

4.Declutter to unneeded things from my cupboard and roomThis seems to have pretty much got accomplished over the last 1 month.

5.Maintain my early morning workout regime – after a back log of not regularly working out during the summer, I seem to be slowly getting back into track with the early morning sweat out sessions

6.Spend more time writingI want to dedicate more serious time to this hobby in addition to my freelancing writing status with the the Bazaar Magazine.

7.Pray morework in progress

8.Finish trying all of Rachel Khoo’s recipe from the cook book I ordered earlier in the summerTried 2 recipes successfully, 80 more to go :)

9.Drive more consciously and leave ahead of time to reach my destination Am working on it J

10.Sky dive Fingers crossed J

Stephen Covey’s book “ 7 habits of highly effective people emphasis the existence of list indicating a goal written is half achieved. So if you haven’t already, just list down yours..its still not too late, whether its 1 simple change in habit or a monumental turnaround of your life…you doing something will bring about a change and newness to you and that could be your list checked off for 2012.


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