The young and the Frugal.

Ethics as an absolute in our lives continues to be an elementary trait that we continue to meddle with as per our convenience. Of course the justification of it is validated based on a given situation / person. 

At a day and age when the banking and finance worlds's basic framework is at questionable threshold,  a common denominator remains across all of these situations of default..Ethics with a capital E. 

Now you might wonder, the gravity and level of ethics amidst a world where transactions occur at the size of unimaginable magnitude, but here 's the thing about money and manners centered around it (that I keep preaching and to the max practicing among peers)..Its simple, i.e. "You cut your coat according to your cloth"! it rather is quite simple...most times beyond the proportion we tend to blow them out to...however when meddled with that philosophy for ones own hidden agenda is when the spiral of web tends to build. 

Bloomberg Business week recently published this Article on the nature and impact of student debt on a persons life.

 Here's my take on simple money mentality in this months Bazaar issue here 

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