Vintage Car museum.

 In  spirt of my recent attempts to get those within my circles to actually sociallise as opposed to socially networking with their devices and Mcdonalds Arabia's recent ' a day offline' campaign here's another something to do for a time out during this weekend.

As part of our corporate day out this month we recently visited the vintage car museum in  the shuwaikh area ( keeping city centre to your left if u pass and take the first right after the ford showroom, and then take a left, the myseum falls to your left.

The myseum houses vintage automotive luxury donated for display by some of the most distinguished personalities of Kuwait. you get to see the mercedes that used to be driven by Sheikh Saad in the 90's in London to the police BMW bikes that were used in the 60's in tj country.Whether you are a car junky or an amateur admirer, this definetly a place worth a visit.. not just for the boys but girls too.

 If only this country would start opening up more museums, just would show so much more character and history of the country.

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