An homage to old friends.

This post might come as irrelavant to those who may not be able to emote or relate to it to the extent it ought to be and by the end of this you would know why but in all fairness, I would need to express it nevertheless for those of you folks who do share my emotions on something very dear to me.So do bear with my words amidst quite a heavy week and early morning as I try to ward off any form of pointless emotional rambling. Should I do it nonetheless, my appologies.

In a day and age, when we continue to spread ourselves thinner and thinner across the most irrelevant elements that we choose to define as happiness, thankfully there continues to be somewhat of a hope to unconditional love in the form of those who do continue to love and devote us the time of affection relentlessly. 

Whether its post a long week, a bad day, unjustly offloading someone else’s frustration on to them or having them around and paying attention to them as we see fit and conveniently.

We are grateful to have you around and love us unconditionally.
We are grateful for the constant reminder on how simplicity should only be the constant factor in loving each other with no strings attached.  
We are grateful to you for reminding us that several joys of life do come in the form of hugs, kisses, puppy dog eyes & some more tight hugs.
We are grateful to you for just knowing when something is going wrong with us.
We are grateful to you for showing us resilience and commitment to working an entire life time on a relationship.

We will miss you both Scout and Mitsy.
We will also know that you will lay to rest and not in pain very close to us.
 Your random mischief, love, kisses; calls for attention will all be missed immensely.


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