Fresh page.

Crazy clubs, times square, family bbq, streets of mumbai, Paris , London or even marina mall kuwait, here's to always keeping the spirit alive with the amount that you have, whether in love, life or money.

Cause happiness is not a destination, day or place , it is a state of mind.

Cheers to a fresh new page of 2013!



  1. Cafe Mondegar! :D I love the decor there.
    I've been wondering where you disappeared to and was going to drop you a line via email to inquire of your whereabouts :P
    Happy New Year! Best wishes for the year ahead :)

  2. Hey zee! Mondes is so chilled n fun! Disappeared 4 a bit post crazy work season. Happy 2013. Im back soon. Lets do sushi or something. We need to catch up 4 sure! :-)