Hiatus meets Sabatical.

Rewind 6 months ago, having found myself on the couch post a much rather long day at the 8-6 bread and butter making station, I seemed to have discovered, like any other given day, an undefined pleasure spot with the usual drug of choice ( my usual cuppa) mixed with a random coversation with a much wiser soul of the family. Topic of words.. Spontaneity and its lifelong untold correlation with Travel.

Fast forward today, I comprehend most opinions and theories spilled during that conversation which has much rather been a known but underrated truth. I was introduced to the revelation of travel being that purchase that only made you richer, much when you least expect it.

Dear you...today, post 2 spontaneous destinations, several boarding passes later, moments of flight anxiety, fresh timely hiatuses, amazing alliances established, human connections reinforced, airport literature time later and days of procrastinating to document the same, I officially vouch for this; timing, spontaneity and travel are key. Key to seeing more, being more and doing more.

For those of you that have been familiar with the concept and understood its true worth for the longest time, kindly excuse yours truly. For several reasons best known to me, my share of comprehending the same had to take a back seat until I did get that nudge to finally take the leap.

I may have written this post several times in my head wanting to
give you..yes "you" the one..that keeps coming back to probably be patient with the several shades of my inner voice ramblings. How and why that did not see the light of the day is another story.

Wanting to put an end to this with the much needed craving to give you a glimpse..I type this..

Read away.. :)

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