The Italian Finale.

 The day before we headed back to Kuwait, we spent much of our time continuing exploring the rest of Milan City. One of the best bits of Europe I gathered from this trip was how pedestrian friendly the cities are. You are pretty much clocking in walk time computing to about 10-15k’s everyday which takes care of your everyday workout and the carb overload from those delish local bakeries. I should know given that our 3 meals consisted primarily the carb food group.  

 Street markets in Milan are probably the best place to find any good qualoity bargain leather item. Whether it be the lastest pair of brogues, a leather tote or anything trending in the market. and take it for granted that it would be at a bargain price as opposed to the same piece being offered at a retail price.

 So a travel tradition I adopted sometime back. No trip is completed without me leaving a runners mark. This is one of the things I love and look forward to as it allows me to get a taste of the city in a different manner. Also Im a strong believer of exploring the city by foot.

So I strapped on my trainers and decided to head to the park across the street from
Castello Sforzesco and explore my way through.

Post run I had to head back to the Hotel to get ready for the game in the evening, so decided to stop for a quick Shawerma at one of the turkish joints..which FYI Milan is flooded with.  



Over the years, given hectic schedules I have some how lost the time to watch football games on a regular basis. Which is a shame and a lame excuse for an avid football spectator and loyal fan.. ( trust me when I say that I can take loyalty to different levels, given that My sibling and I would keep logs of every football game detailing on the number of fouls, free kicks and the works). Nevertheless, I continue to love the game and when the oppurtuinity came by to actually watch a game live ..it was simply a dream come true.

Now I know what they mean when they say that watching the game on the idiot box and live are 2 different ball games. ( pun intended:))

The game was nothing short of exciting, beefed up Serbian fans, roaring hysteria coupled with some unexpected sitting on the edge of the seat moments. Plus we had a very hilarious Kuwaiti gentleman sitting in front of us who didn’t take Inter’s lousy moves too well J

Event the ad billboards at the Malpensa airport oozees style and chic demeanour

Anyhow as per schedule we were packed to take the flight out the next day. Needless to say I was a happy person at the end of the 10 days trip for dual reasons. One being, for a spontaneous unplanned trip most of the itinerary worked out quite well in my favor and two, I actually got to be on a holiday soaking in on the local life in the city as opposed to just checking of a tourist checklist and rushing through the holiday and as nature would have it the 10 day weather was also in agreement of our travel plans with beautiful sunny crisp weather all through the 10 days and rain showers being witnessed the day we were flying out. Talk about timingJ

In true Milan tradition we did twirl more than a couple of time on the el toro tiles located in the centre of Gallerio Vittorio Emanuelle II .. Tradition has it that anyone that twirls on the el toro must come back to visit the city.. now who are we to break tradition right ;)

Next stop : Mumbai City

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