Campaign against cruelty to animals.

Please support the campaign against cruelty to animals in Kuwait being launched this Thurs.--Sat., (Sept 26--28th) at the 360 Mall, by a group of Kuwaitis, One Kuwait.  They will be collecting signatures on these three days from 4:00--11:00 p.m.  The signatures will be presented to the Parliament and the relevant authorities.  As Mariam Al Kharafi,  organizer of the campaign, explained, "There are laws in Kuwait against animal abuse and our goal is to see that these laws are recognized and enforced."

Many studies have shown that cruelty to animals eventually leads to violence and harm against people, so please add your voice to this important campaign.  Please help protect the defenseless animals that have no voice and are unable to help themselves.

All nationalities who are residents of Kuwait are welcome to sign the petition.  Please bring your civil ID.  And please spread the word and forward this message to all on your list.  Thank you!

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