The Debate: Biking VS running.

Pic Source: NYtimes article

Its time we recognise the elephant in the room.

That room being this void space.

That elephant being my lack of blogging.

If you, my dear friend / fellow blogger/ estmeemed rambler/ honorary silent benefactor are among those few that have invested your much earned time reading posts within this space from time to time, you would have noticed the pattern; non existent blogging or random posts to justify my partial presence.

While I owe the inception of this space to honing a much loved and needed regimen of documenting the mere chronicles within my cerbral gaps, needless to say I have fallen short over the last few  months doing justice to that. While the host of factors for them may be several, I intend to make a legit effort to redeem myself. I owe it, to something / someone. (rambling alert!) 

In the meantime, by now you may have tried to develop the analogy of all this talk with the above pic. So here goes.

NYtimes recently published an article on the ognoing debate on Biking Vs running. you can read more on that
here. On a side note. Have you heard about a certain group that has ventured into both pastures of the land? 

One being: The Q8 footsoldiers who meet every fridays 630 am for their running route at Marina Crescent next to the fountain near Pizza express. A fun and postive bunch that can get you hooked to running / jogging/ walking during the wee hours. 

Two being: The cyclies which is a spin off of the Q8 footsoldiers. The group meets every Saturday in Salmiya next to Al Bardawny restaurent on Baghdad street at 630 am.

Whether you choose sides or no, you should definetly check out the bunch on any one of the days to be a part of the endorphin rush early on the weekends.

You can read more about the q8 footsoldiers in their recent feature in the Bazaar Magazine here

If you're not a morning bee but still like to push hard on your workouts, you should definetly check out Bootcamp which is run by a great trainer Chris Craitza on Sundays and Wednesdays at 9pm at Marina Crescent.

So there you go. Will you redeem yourself by considering any one of these options?

P.S. No..im not done yet.. If interested to get in touch with any one of them, you can contact on this space or get in touch with the leader of the pack that leads the crazy bunch Mybloogle

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  1. Bootcamp rocks ♥ ;) ... See you there