Flashback Mondays. Summer, Sunkist and Buffak.

Its summer time in the 90’s and here’s what kids back then..(code: likes of yours truly and others J ) with a modest fast food spending budget would do..and by modest I mean 100 fils to 500 (only if we were lucky). Hit the first Bakala and buy 1 pack of pufak (or as I like to call it Baffak J) chips and 1 cup of cold Sunkist. Result: the Buffak would do its job of filling you up just in time before lunch and the 1t sip of the Sunkist was simply a total BRAIN FREEZE. The rest used to be History.

With summer just around the corner, I fail to remotely come close to imagining a close substitute to something as thirst quenching and “Hitting the spot” kind of drinking goodness as a good old cup of Sunkist. The good thing about the above duo is they are both healthy at the same time. Pufak Chips actually happen to be baked and not Fried so no Trans fat agenda. The good news..Most coops and bakalas still supply this at the same price they used to be available 10 -15 years ago.

I wonder if kids these days still fancy this on their fast food list..other than the usual burgers, pizzas and other “Heart attack on a plate” served foods J Meh!



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