Literary Space.

People often refute to therapy as a form of a just mindful treatment. The choice of drug in the form of therapeutic bliss may take different forms , modes, means and avenues varying across individuals..But the target result of the process is one i.e. to establish a robust outlet with a mechanism that would work time and again in times of desperate need to vent. To me, the metaphorical outlet has often translated to hard core workouts, reading on individual accounts and biographies and writing on mundane everyday chronicles. While the 1st two require very little orchestrated talent and spark to mould into an absolute definite effort, the last option of them all, i.e. writing does require a significant mental commitment and effort to hone to the next level .

Not everyone is born with the gift of word usage at the optimum level and timing. Those that are, in my opinion are the most privileged. It takes a lot of mental strength to be able to translate your thoughts and opinions and tailor it most appropriately within the existent circumstances, situations and people.
It’s been over 2 years now since my attempt at this front(on a persistent level). And although most of the published efforts may not necessarily be legendary material, I’m pleased to have discovered my own literary space, which in its own right has been credible whilst offering me a constructive outlet and substantial reason to pick my brain and explore the need to draft more and write more.

Oh and FYI :-), Yours truly did get featured in this months Bazaar Magazine. You can read my fun article here Bazaar Magazine 
Find your outlet guys.

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