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I know I slacked off last week with the potential restaurant which could be considered for your trial under ‘Yours truly’s’ wisdom of weekend food review J  But to make it up, I intend to do 2 restaurant reviews, may be even 3 this week J  Its summer time and the Living is easy so why not indulge a little !
This weekend I had the chance to be a part of Operation HOPE's 18th Annual Mothers day event at THE ONE Café, Marina. The yearly event is a great platform to understand what the mission is all about and how far it has come. The day primarily is a fun morning out for the ladies involved in the team along with others who can buy tickets to attend the event. All proceeds strictly go to funding the winter warmth and toiletries campaign that is done for the embassy shelter and other domestics in the country. You can get more deets of this amazing organization started by an amazing woman “ Ms. Sheryl Mairza” here.
Now down to the business.

Guests were greeted at the registration table at the entrance and asked to choose their choice of breakfast and beverage. I decided on the Merguez, Potatoes and Feta Omlette with English breakfast tea. For the Merguez, think Spanish omlette with tomatoes and potatoes steamed and sausages and feta cheese garnished over a fluffy open faced omlette done well. My friend opted for the big breakfast (choice of eggs scrambled) with Orange Juice. Every table had beautiful sweet savories and assortment of fruits spread out for guests.

The verdict.

The good – The ambience, the crowd, the food and the portion size. At KD 2.500 -3.200 on an average for a breakfast dish, the food was quite good with a generous portion size. My merguez was not overdone with just the right amount of potatoes to not make me overstuffed. It was light yet filling and probably the absence of a bread component makes this dish a winner for the diet friendly types. Wash it down with a nice glass of OJ and you’re set.The big breakfast not only big but generously filling with the side marinara sauce complimenting the dish immensely. The eggs Benedict which I managed to steal a bite off my other friends plate was simply a delight…probably one of the only places in Kuwait that gets it right spot on. Sidenote: The hollandaise sauce is simply addictive.

The other thing I like about this place was the slow promenade like pace it was operating at. Now if you’re a regular weekend outdoor breakfast person such as myself, you’d know how overcrowded the good breakfast joints get. But this place had just the right balance of quiet and crowd mix.

The bad – Although we were seated inside, I wish the outdoor seating was bigger with a better view.
The affordable : Any of the breakfast items are within a decent affordable range. For 2 people wishing to dine there for breakfast, total damages would probably not go north of 7.5 KD which is really good for a fancy breakfast at a place with such ambience.
This one’s definitely worth a shot!
I’m definitely going back next weekend..you’ll should try it too if you’ll haven’t already J


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