The Little Paris Kitchen. Rachel Khoo. Obsession Alert.

I’m a true believer of therapeutic outlets (I know I say it a lot but why shouldn’t I). Everyone has their own. I found mine in a couple of mediums as documented about it here. However the other medium that provides me similar therapeutic bliss at maximum levels is food porn. Now now..Do refrain the judgmental reflex. As much as this happens to be my drug and vice of choice, it offers its benefits in clean and ethical forms.  My form of food porn comes in different modes, everything from trying new recipes in the kitchen at odd hours, to ODing on the food network and BBC food shows.
I could have the worst week at work and come back home to not sleeping or gorging down food (* as tempting as that might be) but continue to watch hours of food network shows. Jamie Olive and Nigella Lawson to be precise. Yes indeed! That my friend translates to me as food porn. It simply signifies a whole new level of pleasure and vice to me at my saturation point.
Something I’ve been so hot on amidst the crazy week I had last week is the new show featuring on BBC Food called The Little Paris Kitchen

The show centers around Rachel cooking in her little apartment kitchen in Paris which operates like a pop up restaurant. Her apartment could supposedly be one of the smallest spaces ever featured for a cookery program with the whole apartment being about the size of a double bedroom.
According to Rachel “You don’t need a huge kitchen to create amazing food. Operating in such a small environment makes you a better cook. You have to be organized and you pare everything down to the basics. And boy does she it spot on!

I think the charm of the entire show is how it’s formatted. Simple French cooking in humble settings at the backdrop of a chic and classy Parisian setting announcing to viewers that simple is extraordinary. Most of her inspiration comes from the street side bistros and restaurants in Paris where she moved to to study cooking from the reputed Cordon Bleu

I absolutely love such shows ‘cause it somehow gives you a sense of understanding the city from a worms eye view through the taste budsJ Not to mention make you fall in love with Paris and Food all over again.

Im hooked! Do check her out. Most of the episodes have already been uploaded on YouTube and you can check them here

You can also follow her on her blog here

C'est Tout ! :)

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