Weekend Foodie - Crimson Garden Avenues.

Based on some calculated, sound research amidst a hungry apetite particularly craving for persian food, yours truly has come to the conclusion that the retail food landscape of Kuwait offers very limited quality options  for good, satiating Persian food..or atleast to satisfy my taste buds. Post certain not so satisfying meals at Sabestan which happens to be one of my favourite Persian places in Kuwait, I discovered Crimson Garden in Avenues (courtesy of a close family member) and our association has been hence J Fresh, flavour ful and cooked just  to the right time to be satiating and juciy ( a challenge for many retuarents here that overcook the meat), Crimson Garden is the ultimate choice if your craving persian food.  Here’s what we ordered whilst we were there last weekend on a hunger scale measure of 1-10, 10 being the highest and ours being 8 J 
Drinks order :  Water, fresh mango juice and  pop . Request for some lemon slices/ wedges along with mint leaves and that should give your water an immediate twist for a drink.
Appetizers order :  3 Adas soup .  This is simply a slice of heaven ..hits the spot instantaenously.
Main course : 1 order of Lambchops ( 6 pieces ) with a side order of fries with it, 1 order of boneless chicken with a side order of saffron rice. The lambchops of this place are hands down the best in Kuwait, Ive had so far. Juciy, cooked right and the right flavours. The boneless chicken is cooked with youghurts and other herbs. Let me tell you …it’s the best chicken that simply melts in your mouth.
The Good – Regardless of how small our orders may have seemed for a group of 3 adults, we were very full with what we had..again we were a bunch of people with a decent sized appetite. Heres the trick with Crimson though..its probably best to order less, only cause it’s the quality of the food that somehow I believe just ensure u fill up with less. Also the bread basket which serves persistent numbers of Irani Khubus along with greens and feta cheese simply does the job of filling you up pre main course.
The Bad – Im not able to think of any..but the ambience definelty needs a little bit more sprucing up.
The Affordable  - Total damages for our group of 3 with the above orders was KD 20…which is faboulous for a good quality persian meal.
I did manage to snap some pictures while gorging down the food so I hope the pictures do justice  to the amazing food we had.
If you’re at the avenues this weekend, make sure you give it a try. You wont regret it.
Crimson Garden is located right above Al forno. If you take the escalator between PF chans (to your left) and Al forno ( to your right) you should spot it as you go up to your right.


  1. what of the "supposed" persian grill shops in Kuwait city? that doesnt strike your fancy?

    careful or PF Changs and Forno will sue u for using them as landmarks to direct people to another restaurant :P

  2. I seemed to have forgotten of the blissful joints in Mubarkiya .. My bad! :) Sue ..meh! any publicity is good publicity.. Im peacefully putting all 3 on the front to be tried and tested..

    P.S. Alforno and PF are on my food porn list too..posts coming up :D