Flashback Mondays: 90's Game shows.

How many of you’ll used to wait for the crystal maze to be aired on the tele every Friday on KTV 2 at 3pm  or ‘Guts’ at about half past 4 on a Saturday ( this is of course when Saturdays were still the first working day of the week). I know I would! Simply because that used to be one of the forms of tele entertainment at that time. 
Back in the days when most of us didn’t have cable TV or Satellite channels, we’d muse ourselves with some of the most known game shows on TV at that time. This was at an era far away and oblivious to the likes of social networking and such! Simple times
One of my personal favorites was crystal maze which I found interesting since the participants would come from an array of professional backgrounds based on which they would be placed across the challenges on the show.
I wonder if shows formatted on similar wavelengths would still work in today’s time! It might be a tad bit challenging especially since most of us tend to be glued to the idiot box at all times which in today’s case would connote to the laptop / smart phone. You can read about the 13 best game shows for kids of the 90's to know more on what kids did back then for tele entertainment.
Cheerios all


  1. "the choice is yours, and yours alone" - Legends of the hidden temple

    "du-du-duh do you have it?!" - Guts

    Mumsy from the Crystal maze, and the bald man, and the man with hair!

    Wheres fun house!

    oh yes, KTV2..

    and yeah u forgot the one with the video games, what was that called?

  2. hahahah.. i almost forgot momsy..who the baldie would go check on during the challenges..hillarious :)

    oh..the video games one was called " nickelodeon arcade" I think. Was the most fun :D