Quest for the perfect Office time lunch continues.

For a person who holds the highest regard for the carbohydrates food group particularly “Rice” within the everyday diet( serious weak point), anything remotely close to eliminating it from an everyday routine is close to a religious sacrifice.

Post joining the workforce and logging in the culturally famous 9-5 stretch (in my case 7-6 or sometimes even 7…yes..that’s a 12 hour run through), establishing an eating pattern that would strike a balance between providing the right amount of energy and not contribute too much to the posterior chamber and rest of the body was becoming a challenge as time went by.

Several generic salad attempts and “no rice or carbs” lunches later, I had almost given up on creativity for brown bagging the perfect lunch (not a big fan of take out). Yet I continue to do my usual salads which more or less is basic dark green veggies ( bell pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes, frozen carrots, the occasional asparagus and artichokes..easy on the budget and waist J).

Anywho I haven’t given up hope and here’s why …Salads as a main course and/ or side dish is so crucial especially during the summer given their antioxidant and hydration contribution to the body.

Given this belief, I was ecstatic to come across Mark Bittman’s 101 Simple Salads for the Season article for The New York Times..101 simple salads? Are you kidding… that takes care of my entire years lunch option ideas. I’m in the process of trying a few of them. J No. 1,3,4,7 and 18 are my personal favorites. They are easy and quick to make, refreshing for the summer and the ingredients are easily available and not too pricy!

You can read more on the 101 simple salads for the season here.

They might just give you ideas for your lunch box for the month / year :)


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