Weekend Review : Breakfast and Brunch.

Last week post a good early AM workout, my best S and I decided to go try out a new spot for our early morning breakfast. Now given that we weren’t really hungry and didn’t want to ruin our mornings worth of workout we decided to zero down to a place that does simple wholesome breakfasts.
In comes “Breakfast and Brunch”, a small cozy place strategically located adjacent to Marina Mall just across from the Shisha Bars ( 7 bars and such). The place houses a 4 table space with a very homy touch. Anywho their breakfast items are priced pretty comeptitvely compared to what is availble in the market.

So here's how it went

Given our appetite levels we decided to order something filling enough but split it between us. Our order was the english breakfast which by far is a well endowed meal size and taste wise. The order came with 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of brown toast, 2 sausages, 2 bacon strips, about a small cup size of white beans, some grilled mushroom and half a grilled tomato.

We split the entire mean smack in the middle half way between us and ordered a small bottle of water and sunkist for drinks and were happy satisfied once we got done.

Now the verdict.

The Good : Practically everything. As soon as you sit yourself on the tables, you'll notice the dettol wipes on each table, along with cookie jars lined across the walls,with the review board with peoples review on posted on it, the board over at the cash counter chalked with their specials and not to forget the bill bucket which is an itsy bitty holder for the cheque..all just shows how the place is particularly interested about the attention to detail.

The food is simply fresh, cooked well and does not have too much oil.

The Bad : Sunkist being overpriced. 7 times of what its retailing at. Yowza!

The Affordable :  Our entire bill came to about KD 3.5 for breakfast, which in a perfect world and real world is not only a steal but a heavenly deal :)

Make sure you guys try this out this weekend. The place is tucked away in a quick corner and is worth a visit.


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