Weekend Food Review: Rice.

A few have questioned me on what value addition my weekend food reviews aim for, given that the restaurants that are being reviewed are quite known and pretty much tried and tested by several. 

Well to them i explained the mere purpose of this is to show to those folks who haven't tried these places thinking of them as mere pricy places, that one should always be open to tasting different cuisine pallets and not shun away just because of how astronomically pricy they may seem. A

The key to such pricy seeming places is to eliminate the unnecessary outliers..the appetizers. Stick to the main course and your drinks. The bread basket can act as an appetite warmer as you await the main course anyway and not ruin your appetite.

Couple of weekends ago, we decided to revisit the Avenues food court at the lunch hour with the Familia. Given that we are serious rice lovers and prefer that as the first food group of choice for lunch, we decided to head to Rice at the food court. 

Hunger level : 8/10 ...10 being the highest for all 5 of us.

Our order:  
Main course : 1 Chicken biryani, 1 Meat machboos, 1 Lamb biryani, 1 cheese sticks order
Drinks: 1 diet coke and 2 sprite ( which came as part of the meals ordered) and 1 bottle of water with lemon and mint leaves. 
Desert : 1 pudding, 1 fruit salad and 1 yoghurt dish ( all came as part of the meals ordered at no additional cost :) ) 

The Good: The fact that each meal comes with a free drink and dessert option, makes the order price ( average of 5kd) seem justified. Also the portion size is pretty generous since for the 5 of us among whom the 3 meals were shared, we were not only full but we also had some rice left over.( Side note : we are a family of heavy eaters, * Mashaallah :) )

The Bad: All of us kinda felt that the rice used for the machboos  could have been the long grained rice. Personally, I do have a soft corner for the way freej makes theirs..so somewhere I guess I had drawn that comparison ;).

The Affordable: Our total damage came to about KD 27.95. An absolutely justified price.

So given that there is a 50/50 chance of Ramadan happening tomorrow, do make sure to head there for lunch should tomorrow not be the first day of Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak to all. Have a blessed month :)

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