What Kuwait gave you?

In light of the month of Ramadan and owing to the recent crappy weeks Ive been having, I decided its time to refresh the memory and count the blessings, on the good things life has done and given in Kuwait.

Yes, I am in need of some much needed endorphin rush and since I'm not getting enough of it from the weekly runs, its about time to explore other modes to source it.

I'm going to do a series of excerpts within my circle of besties and familia and try to understand the top 5 things they feel they have been blessed with as a result of being in Kuwait. Not too hard right, 5 things only.. Lets see what the turn out is.

I'll try to ensure that the opinion poll goes across a varied range of people, background, age and experience. It should be interesting to see how the response runs across the gamut.

Watch this space for more.


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