Return to Sender.

By far, probably one of the coolest things about traveling is staying in Hotels and in most cases their luxurious services. Undoubtedly, the coolest things about hotel service obviously is the little toiletries and goodies we get to keep, assuming there is an untold understanding that being guest we are condoned for taking.

Time and again, we all have been guilty of flicking things from hotels. Wardorf Astoria is a hotel that is however asking people to bring back items.  According to the hotel:

‘We know there are treasures out there that belong to the Waldorf; we see them going up on eBay all the time. We’d like them back, and we’d like to know where they came from. Maybe your grandfather used to work at the hotel and came away with a serving dish, or your mother had her debutante ball here and ran away with a sugar bowl.’

You can read the full article here.

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