What Kuwait gave you. Take 1.

Name: Adam A.
Occupation: Radio Producer
Age: 26
Nationality: Jordanian

so 5 things i'd done/achieved in Kuwait ?

hmmm let's see

1.1st things first I think Kuwait has taught me how to make use of my time! In the beginning living in this country was a challenge, and hadn’t been a pleasurable one.Soon as I started to realize the sense of boredom is only within, things have begun to change.

2. Resilience: there were so many things I thought I could only change if I were to live elsewhere, not here. Only to realize that change isn’t location-bound, per se.

3. Stay physically active: Although I’d been playing lots of basketball back when I was living in Jordan, all of that had changed when I first got here! First 3-4 years of my life in Kuwait where extremely inactive, and it’s easy to become sedated since, let’s say walking from one place to another isn’t an option! Why when you have your car ( we have too many cars in this place!!!) But all of that had changed once I changed that mentality, thank goodness.

4. First work experience: which of course I’m thankful for! You learn a lot in a work setting!

5. Counter the “consumer” behavior/mentality: it’s easy to spend your money on two things which eat at your income the most, food and shopping, and rent, just as of late since it’s becoming ridiculously high.

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