What Kuwait gave you. Take 3.

Name: Patsy P
Age: 28
Occupation: Hotel and Resorts HR Professional
Nationality: Indian

What Kuwait gave me?

-I know of a girl who was forced to marry a man she dint love. 
-I know of a family who are from Syria and are looking to close down their home and move their lives here.
-I know of a single mother who uses every little fil she earns just to make sure to survive a day.

Rather than seeing what Kuwait gave me, I would rather put it this way.God gave me Kuwait - this tiny little country that at times can't be spotted on a map.

And in this tiny little country, He gave me –
-   A family who have proved more than a dozen times that they would stand by you when your have your back against a wall;
-   GOOD friends who make life richer & who are faithful; a home that is filled with peace; and
-   Above all, freedom.

God has filled my Kuwait with everything money cannot buy, or rather, no one can afford to buy. A day may be filled with ups and downs, sometimes it may almost take u over the edge....but I never fail to constantly remind myself of every good thing I have
People here are so busy trying to dream of reaching the 'stars' that they forget to look at all the little blessings placed at their feet.

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