What Kuwait gave you. Take 4.


Name: E. Rahman
Age: 44
Occupation: Finance Manager
Nationality: Bangladeshi

5 things and more that I have achieved/ got  from / as a result of being in Kuwait:

  1. Kuwait has given me the spare time to indulge my whims
  2. Kuwait has given me the spare time to rest my body and my soul
  3. Kuwait has given me the ability to save a little money
  4. Kuwait has introduced me to many people from many other countries and backgrounds
  5. Kuwait has reminded me of the difference between rich and poor
  6. Kuwait has taught me how to adapt to another culture and operating environment
  7. Kuwait helped me to appreciate people in my home country because I miss them
  8. Kuwait gave me the ability to access many things I could not have in my home country
  9. Kuwait reminds me five times a day that Allah is calling me
  10. Kuwait taught me the values of patience and compromise
  11. Kuwait taught me the importance of good process and good procedure
  12. Kuwait helped me to focus on my happiness and what I want in life
  13. Kuwait taught me that an abaya could be beautiful
  14. Kuwait gave me the chance to take care of friends and family when they visited
  15. Kuwait showed me the strengths and weaknesses of both East and West
  16. Kuwait helped me to give my child a good start in life
  17. Kuwait introduced me to some wonderful and beautiful people
  18. Kuwait taught me how to deal with dangerous drivers
  19. Kuwait gave me easy access to the beaches and the sea
  20. Kuwait made me appreciate how the Arabs centuries ago struggled to live in the heat

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