What Kuwait gave you. Take 6.

Name: Shikha Singh
Age: 27
Occupation: Human resource & restaurant supervisor
Nationality: Indian

I keep complaining about certain things in Kuwait but when I had to sit down to put down the 5 things Kuwait gave me, the points were much more then the bads. Soo ere I goo.........

1. I was born in this beautiful country which is a blessing. I am blessed with the most amazing friends that anyone would ever want. They are my life :)

2. Being born and raised in Kuwait I got the best of education and knowledge and a multicultural atmosphere which is so much more fun to be around with people from different parts of the world.

3. I got my first career break in Kuwait  .

4. I have learned how to not complain as I have seen peoplefor whom the life that I live will always be a dream to live. I learned how to appreciate what I have today, I learned how to adjust, be patient, keep my calm.

5. Lastly, what I am today and where I am is all because of this wonderful country.It counts a lot for me in every aspect of my life.

    Thank you Kuwait :)

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