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There is a creepy man in town and somehow he is mostly hoverning around the Kuwait City bay ( Fahed Al Salem Area) around evening time. I have been refraining from posting about this for a while now since it seemed pretty random at first, but I think after 6 random encounters nothing seems all that random.

So the story goes like this, a couple of times after work sometime last year, as I was heading to the parking lot and settling into my car, a random asian (decent looking) guy stops to ask for a favour..Now my usual drill in any given parking lot regardless of the tightlipped security is pretty simple: Get quickly into the car and lock the doors and drive away! Simple.

Anywho, sometimes I would take time to just settle in and this happened to be one of those times when this Asian gentlemen comes over saying" Excuse me, could you lend me 600 fils..I need to catch a bus and head to fahaheel" now given the soft natured format in which my heart is wired in, I generally tend to be a little generous like that ( Yes, I know its wrong , any person in possession of a healthy mind and body should not be encouraged to beg/borrow/steal) but here Im thinking, the guy knows exactly what he wants and he probably is a little short..So I gave him the 600 fils.

Fast forward this incident in its exact format only 5 times more and you would wonder ..this is a little too creepy. Now obviously the 3rd time round I kind of realised that this was too perfect to be true and declined and shooed him off! The exact same guy wanting to go to fahaheel with 600 fils as a request..Coincidence..I dont think so!

I did manage to question some of my collagues and ask around whether they encountered this clown , but I guess only managed to encounter him. Some did warn of stalker symptons..but I doubt that.

Anywho, incidently I saw him within the Salhiya vicinity doing it to someone else yesterday with the exact same story.! What are the odds!

So here's a warning to all of you reading this, be on alert for the 600 fils fahaheel going creep, you know his story line and you know what he is asking for. He has been mostly spotted around the following spots

- Jashanmal
- Muthanna Complex
- Salhiya area

Be safe all.

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